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Applicants to UBC Music's Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) degree program must successfully meet the admission requirements of both the University of British Columbia and the School of Music. For information about applying to our other programs, including dual degrees and the Bachelor of Arts (Major in Music), please visit our Degree and Diploma program pages and our new Admissions Blog



Step One: Apply to UBC

Deadline: January 15, 2020

Application Deadline for major entrance scholarships: Dec. 1, 2019 (Canadian & International students)

Before you apply to UBC School of Music, you must apply to the University of British Columbia. Make sure to complete the online UBC application form and submit any required materials listed in the application instructions. Need help? Please watch/read this application tutorial.

Other useful information:



Step Two: Apply to UBC Music

Deadline: January 31, 2020

Once you've applied to UBC, you must apply to the School of Music. Please read the instructions below carefully. You must submit the Supplementary Audition Form, pay the Supplemental Application Fee, and request two teachers to fill out Reference Forms in support of your application. **PLEASE NOTE: The supplementary application form will open on October 5, 2019. After that date, if you have trouble loading the Supplementary Application Form, please contact Katherine Evans at

Prepare your B.Mus. application documents:

  1. Choose a major: Prospective B.Mus. students must choose from four different majors—General Studies, Music Education, Performance, or Composition. Please note that if you select General Studies as your first choice, you may not choose Performance or Composition as your second choice due to its requiring a more advanced audition level.

  2. Transcript:  The School of Music requires applicants to upload an "extra" copy of an unofficial current transcript into the Supplementary Application Form, for internal use by the music department only.  Please have a copy ready to upload into the Supplemental Audition Form. For acceptance to UBC and the BMUS program, applicants MUST submit all transcripts and other records as required by UBC Admissions.  

  3. Audition Repertoire: You are required to state your proposed audition repertoire on the form. Please consult the audition requirements for your instrument.

Arrange for your B.Mus. references:

  1. Applicants must arrange to provide reference forms/letters from two current or recent music teachers: usually the applicant's private lesson teacher, and a school music teacher or community ensemble leader. If necessary, applicants may ask another teacher who can speak to their musical abilities/ accomplishments. Applicants, please provide your references with this link: 2020 Reference Form. Deadline: February 25, 2020

Complete the B.Mus. Audition Form

  1. Fill out the audition form: 2020W BMUS Supplemental Audition Form. You will log in to a different platform with your CWL information.

  2. Pay the B.Mus. Application/Audition Fee: There is a CAD$70.50 B.Mus. Supplemental Application/Audition Fee required of all applicants, separate from the UBC application fee. This fee must be paid on the main UBC application platform. Log into your SSC, navigate to “B.Mus. Supplemental Application” and follow the instructions to reach the payment screen. Tip: this extra fee will result in a total application fee of approx. $140 for domestic applicants and $220 for international applicants.

More Information

  1. Late submissions: If you think you might be unable to gather all of the supplementary material before the deadline, please contact Katherine Evans immediately to help schedule your audition on time.

  2. Transfer applicants from another program at UBC or from another university should read our transfer guidelines. Applicants from within UBC should log into the SSC and complete a Change of Program form instead of a UBC general application; then follow the rest of the application guidelines listed here.

  3. Students interested in Composition and Music Scholarship should read our entry guidelines for these areas of study within the B.Mus. degree program: Composition and Music Scholarship.

  4. Once admitted, B.Mus students can apply to a variety of double majors, dual degrees, and other programs. For more information, explore our degrees and diplomas page.

  5. Incoming B.Mus. students are expected to know the fundamentals of music theory (RCM Advanced Rudiments or equivalent) and will be tested on that knowledge in early September. Students who do not pass this test, or who choose not to write it, will be required to take a Music Foundations course in the fall of Year 1 before moving on to the core theory sequence in January. Here are further details and a sample test.



Step Three: Audition

All applicants to the BMUS and Diploma programs must audition as part of the application process.

Auditions for 2020W: February 29, March 1, March 7, March 8* 2020

*Due to the possibility of changing faculty schedules, do not make travel plans until you have received an individual, confirmed audition time from the UBC School of Music.  If you have a conflict with any listed day above, please contact Katherine Evans as soon as possible to discuss.

In-Person Auditions: 

In-person auditions are required for applicants who live in the Metro Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and are highly recommended for all applicants. The faculty receive a more thorough view of your abilities and accomplishments, and applicants get to know UBC Music first-hand. If your application is complete, you will receive an email from the School of Music in early February inviting you to audition at specific date and time. Please do not make travel plans until you receive confirmation of this date and time. 

Video auditions: Upload Deadline February 25, 2020

Video auditions are possible if travel to UBC presents a hardship. You may submit high-quality video recordings of your audition selections, preferably recorded by a professional technician.  The recording of each individual selection (piece, multi-movement work, or song) must be an unedited performance that has been recorded within the past 6 months.  Each recorded selection must not be edited or manipulated in any way, and you must submit a statement certifying the integrity of each recording.   Instructions on how to upload a video audition will be provided by email to video audition applicants after the application deadline (approx. February 1, 2020).  

A few considerations:

  • Preparing for the audition: Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements for your instrument before your audition.

  • Collaborative pianist (accompanist): The School of Music supplies a pianist for vocalists only. It is not required to have a pianist at instrumental auditions. However, any instrumentalist or vocalist may bring a pianist or hire a School of Music pianist for their instrumental audition.

  • Map: Location of the School of Music

Note: Ensemble Placement Auditions: Entrance/Application auditions are separate from ensemble placement auditions.  All B.Mus. degree students (including incoming) will audition for placement in ensembles at the beginning of each academic year. UBC students in other disciplines may also audition for ensembles in early September and, if placed, may participate in an ensemble for credit. Explore non-major ensembles and opportunities in the School of Music here



Step Four: Apply for scholarships and awards

Deadline: Varies by award | most are December 1, 2019

There are a number of scholarships and bursaries available for incoming Canadian and international undergraduate students. For a comprehensive list, visit our Scholarships and Awards page. Please be aware that the deadline for major entrance scholarships can be as early as November 15

UBC scholarships and awards

UBC School of Music scholarships and awards: There is no application process for most scholarships in Music. New and returning students in the B.Mus. degree program are automatically considered for these scholarships, which vary from $500 to $3,500. Some are designated for particular instruments, others on general academic merit. 

Non-UBC scholarships and awards: Please visit our general scholarships and awards page for more information.  



Step Five: Apply for financial aid (if applicable)

Deadline: Students planning to commence studies in September 2020 are encouraged to apply for financial aid as soon as possible. Bursary dates vary.

Canadian and U.S. students are eligible for financial assistance in the form of student loans, need-based bursaries, and emergency funding. Please note that UBC's policy on financial support declares that no eligible Canadian student will be prevented from attending the university for financial reasons alone.




Step Six: Apply for housing

Deadline: May 1, 2020 - apply as soon as possible!

To apply for on-campus housing, visit UBC Student Housing, where you can take a virtual tour of the residences and submit your application. We recommend choosing Place Vanier as your first choice because it's very close to the School of Music building and has at least four 24-hour practice rooms. Note that students with a disability or ongoing medical condition are eligible for priority access to on-campus housing.

If you're interested in renting accommodation outside the university, be sure to check out UBC's guide to guide to off-campus housing




I've applied. Now what?

You'll receive an email with your individual audition date and time in early February. Be sure to check your email regularly, as we'll be in touch about any additional application materials and next steps.

Final results for the audition and UBC application are usually available in April. 

I'm not ready to apply yet...

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