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Meet our faculty

Julia Lockhart, Adjunct Professor of Bassoon and Principal Bassoonist with the VSO, talks about her approach to teaching, how she became a professional musician, Disney's Fantasia, and the secret history of her instrument.

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WATCH: UBC Symphonic Winds perform Leonard Bernstein's "Overture To Candide"  



Exploring musical time

In a series of upcoming talks and demonstrations hosted by the School of Music’s newly established Rhythm Research Cluster, leading scholars will investigate how we produce and experience musical rhythm, timing, and periodicity. 

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WATCH: Kallie Clayton (Master's student), Sheldon Baxter (BMus'14, MMus'15), and Alireza Mojibian (BMus'15, Master's student) describe the amazing opportunities afforded to students in the UBC Opera Program


 Lukas Kawabata/Instagram

Lukas Kawabata/Instagram

Student performers

Planning an event? Hire a UBC Music student! Choose from a variety of chamber groups and individual musical offerings. You’re giving our students a great opportunity to practice their profession.





Dr. David Metzer

David Metzer is a historian of American music and culture. His work covers a variety of musical genres, including popular music, classical, and jazz. His latest book is The Ballad in American Popular Music: From Elvis to Beyoncé.

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Korean Drumming

The P’ungmulp’ae San Param ensemble, meaning “Korean folk drumming troupe Mountain Breeze,” is open to all UBC students. It offers the opportunity to engage in study of the Korean tradition of folk drumming and dance known as p’ungmulRead more



Terence Dawson performs De Profundis

Mastering De Profundis

Pianists do not often play and speak at the same time—let alone whistle, sing, play a Harpo horn, and use their body and the piano as percussion instruments. Keyboard Chair Terence Dawson decided to take on the challenge of Rzewski’s De Profundis as a career milestone marker.

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  Photo: Chris Randle

Photo: Chris Randle

Turning Point Ensemble on music & entrepreneurship

“What's very important to realize as a student of musical performance is that you are not only a potential employee, but also a future employer and entrepreneur and can create the work you wish for. That's what we did.”

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