Learn about music history, theory and performance.

Place music within broader intellectual and cultural contexts. In our Bachelor of Arts in Music, you will be able to take performance and academic music courses for credit and expand your musical knowledge and experience.

Our four-year BA in music program is the ideal program for you if you are interested in music but are not intending to pursue music performance professionally or if you did not meet the special admission requirements for the School of Music’s Bachelor of Music degree.

Our BA degree with a major, minor, or honours in music includes core music courses similar to the Bachelor of Music degree but does not include private instrumental or vocal instruction. All UBC students are eligible to audition for student ensembles.


Emphasize in music within broader intellectual, social and cultural contexts.
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The honours program is open to students who show special aptitude and the capacity to profit from working extensively in this field.
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Enrich your studies at UBC with a minor in music or in applied music technology.
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Music courses

Music courses