Ensembles of all sizes and styles

Large and small and incredibly diverse, our student ensembles range in size from trios and quartets to the 110-member UBC Symphony Orchestra. They play in dozens of traditions and styles, from Bach to Balinese Gamelan and everything in between. Learn more about our ensembles below, then plan your audition.

Auditions open in summer 2024.

Auditions for ensemble placements are offered either in-person or via video (Choirs only). Please be sure to visit the individual ensemble pages below before scheduling an audition.

Large ensembles


The UBC Bands program includes two ensembles: Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Concert Winds.
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UBC Choirs comprises five student choirs of different sizes and abilities, from the powerful 120-member Choral Union to the dynamic University Singers.
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One of Canada's most ambitious student opera companies. UBC Opera educates and promotes gifted young opera singers while preparing them for international careers.
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Symphony Orchestra

UBC Symphony Orchestra educates and promotes gifted young musicians while preparing them for international careers.
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Small ensembles

African Music and Dance

Get introduced to the drumming techniques, dances, and other artistic expressions of Africa.
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Balinese Gamelan

The gamelan music of Bali Indonesia is dynamic and exciting to play. It is internationally celebrated for its richness and part of a long Southeast Asian tradition.
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Chinese Music Ensemble

The UBC Chinese Music Ensemble is an instrumental chamber ensemble that plays a diverse range of regional Chinese music repertoire.
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Contemporary Players

UBC’s Contemporary Players strive to perform some of the most exciting works of the 21st Century.
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Early Music

The UBC Early Music Ensemble, including the Barroque Orchestra Mentorship Programme, is an instrumental/vocal ensemble specializing in music from the Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras.
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The aim of the jazz ensembles is to gain an appreciation and understanding of jazz in its many forms and ranges from the early works of Duke Ellington to contemporary jazz-rock fusion to elements of free jazz.
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Korean Drumming

The UBC Korean Drumming ensemble engages in a year-long practical study of the Korean tradition of folk drumming and dance known as p’ungmul.
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Laptop Orchestra

Code your own computer instruments or audio/video processes and control/sound/video/lighting with movement in the UBC Laptop Orchestra.
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UBC Percussion performs music for the vast spectrum of instruments, including 20th century work, familiar classics, and traditional dance music from Africa and Latin America.
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Choosing an ensemble

You can audition for a wide variety of ensembles. Ensemble courses may be taken and repeated for credit as your Faculty stipulates. Please be sure to visit the individual ensemble pages before scheduling an audition.

  • Large instrumental ensembles (MUSC 150 & 550A*)
    • Symphony orchestra
    • Bands: wind ensemble & concert winds
  • Choral ensembles
    • Choral Union (MUSC 154)
    • Oriana (MUSC 156A/556A)
    • Vox (MUSC 156B/556B)
    • University Singers (MUSC 153)
    • Vocal Chamber Ensembles (MUSC 156C)
  • Chamber Music Ensemble (MUSC 156, 160, 161, 162 & 562A*)
  • Asian & African Music Ensembles (MUSC 165/565)
    • Chinese Music Ensemble
    • Balinese Gamelan Ensemble
    • Korean Drumming Ensemble
    • African Music and Dance Ensemble
  • Early Music Ensemble (MUSC 157)
  • Contemporary Players (MUSC 163)
  • Jazz (MUSC 164)
  • Opera (MUSC 339)

*Ensemble courses only available to graduate students



Auditions for ensemble placements will be offered either in-person or via video in the fall, depending on the ensemble(s) you are interested in. Please read the instructions carefully for each audition you are preparing.

Instrumental ensemble auditions

All students (including non-major students planning to return as members of the UBC Concert Winds) who wish to participate in Symphony Orchestra, Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Concert Winds, and Woodwind and Brass Chamber Ensembles, must submit an audition video and online questionnaire.