Compose music and have your work performed by student ensembles at UBC.

The Bachelor of Music in Composition allows you to explore your creativity while learning music theory and refining your performance. In this major, you will be able to enhance your skills and develop a composition portfolio as you work towards your Bachelor in Music degree.


Consider applying to the composition major if you can demonstrate a special aptitude for composition.

Students applying for enrolment in the composition major must enter with proficiency in at least one instrument. Requirements are the same as those for the general studies concentration on all instruments except piano, where a somewhat lower level (about RCM Grade 8 for 1st year) will be considered if the applicant is especially strong creatively.

Program requirements

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Studying composition at UBC was perhaps the most formative experience I had as a young artist. Having the opportunity to study with world-renowned artists who are also dedicated mentors was inspiring and has helped me reach my own career goals as a teaching artist.

Jared Miller
BMus ‘10 (Composition)

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