Electronic Music Studio

The UBC Computer Music Studio is a teaching studio for the use of students in the electroacoustic music, computer music, and film scoring courses. Students who have completed one or more of those courses can also use the facilities to support their compositional/course work. The CMS includes basic recording equipment, Mac workstations with appropriate DAW software, multichannel sound cards, analog mixers, projection facilities, and a stereo/octaphonic sound system.

Research and production for the Laptop Orchestra and for graduate students in technology occurs in the Sound Studio at the UBC Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems. The ICICS studio is a bespoke facility based on a ProTools recording setup, consisting of a main recording/research area, a control room, isolation booth, and workroom. It has 16 channel diffusion in the control room (two levels of 8 channels each) and the main recording area can support up to 64 individual channels of playback. Music technology research by graduate students is strongly supported in this area. This is a secure facility and access requires approval from the appropriate professor, after which training sessions must be completed.

The Roy Barnett Recital Hall is used for the presentation of many of the works created by students in the technology courses. Stereo and octaphonic sound control is available, diffused from a central point in the hall. Projection of images occurs on a 20 X 12 foot motorized screen over the stage. For Laptop Orchestra performances additional speakers are added to the stage setup.