Korean Drumming

A centuries-old practise steeped in music, dance, and theatre.

Director: Dr. Nathan Hesselink

The P’ungmulp’ae San Param ensemble, meaning “Korean folk drumming troupe Mountain Breeze,” is open to all UBC students, regardless of your degree program.

You will have the opportunity to engage in a year-long practical study of the Korean folk drumming and dance tradition known as p’ungmul. A centuries-old practise steeped in music, dance, theatre, and pageantry, p’ungmul served the overlapping functions of work, ritual, and entertainment.

The ensemble is composed of a core set of two gongs and two drums. The instruments will be held in hand or strapped to the body and played while the performers dance.

As an ensemble member, you will learn in the traditional manner, integrating the use of your voices (oral mnemonics), hands (gong/drum strokes), and bodies (dance).

No specific experience or audition is required to join.

WATCH: The Korean Drumming Ensemble in action

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