Chinese Music Ensemble

The UBC Chinese Music Ensemble is an instrumental chamber ensemble that plays a diverse range of regional Chinese music repetoire.

Director: Dr. Gloria Wong and Zhimin Yu

The class offers a year-long study of a Chinese musical instrument in the context of a chamber ensemble. We explore different regional Chinese music genres, covering aspects of history and performance practice. Genres include Jiangnan silk and bamboo music, traditional Cantonese music, folksong arrangements, popular music and contemporary Chinese orchestral pieces.

Within the ensemble, you can learn to play instruments such as the yangqin (hammered dulcimer), zhongruan, pipa (plucked lutes), zheng (plucked zither), dizi, xiao (bamboo flutes), sheng (mouth organ), erhu, zhonghu (bowed lutes) and percussion.

The ensemble, listed as Music 165A/565A, is a year-long course open to all students. However, some musical knowledge is required for non-music majors, and suitability for the course can be determined in an interview. If the course is full, please contact the director to be put on a waitlist.

WATCH: UBC Chinese Music Ensemble performs their Winds of Spring concert in Barnett Hall, April 2022.

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