Considered one of the finest programs of its kind in Canada, the UBC composition division provides an array of opportunities for the creation, exploration and performance of contemporary music.

In addition to a variety of course offerings, the division sponsors numerous composition events, including regularly scheduled student composer concerts, seminars, workshops and collaborations with local professional ensembles, performances by the Contemporary Players ensemble, and annual readings sessions by the UBC Symphony Orchestra and the UBC Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

The composition division also frequently hosts world-renowned guest composers and performing ensembles from Canada and abroad. In addition, the School of Music houses a state-of-the-art electronic music studio for students interested in creating works which involve sound synthesis, digital audio editing, interactive computer music or multimedia.

The composition division is recognized for its rigorous training at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It has a long tradition of producing many highly successful, award-winning composers. With its distinguished faculty, ample performance opportunities, and the resources of one of North America’s premier music schools, the UBC composition division offers a programme of exceptional quality to students wishing to pursue careers in music composition or music technology.

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