Scholarships & awards for undergrad students

There are a number of scholarships and bursaries available for undergraduate students. Deadlines vary by award. Please note that the deadline for major entrance scholarships can be as early as Dec. 1.




Incoming students:

Second year students (apply at end of 1st year):

  • William and Nona Heaslip Scholarship: Undergraduate students entering their second year in the Faculty of Arts (must have attended UBC in the prior year) are eligible to apply for one of two $15,000 scholarships. In selecting recipients, consideration is given to strong academic performance (minimum 75% average), financial need, and community involvement.

Upper-level students:

All years:


  • Arts Travel & Learn Abroad Award for Students (1/2 way down page): awards up to $2,500 each to undergraduate students who have completed at least one year (27 credits) in the Faculty of Arts and who have applied to a Study Abroad Program. In selecting recipients, consideration is given to strong academic performance and demonstrated interest in area of study as outlined in statement of purpose.

  • UBC Exchange Scholarships: There are a number of scholarships specifically for students going on exchange.

  • Killam Fellowships Program Awards: Provides exceptional undergraduate students from select universities in Canada and the United States with the opportunity to spend either one semester or a full academic year as an exchange student in the other country.


  • Co-op Scholarships: Students participating in Arts Co-op may be eligible to receive scholarships.

School of Music

There is no application process for most scholarships in Music. New and returning students in all School of Music degree programs are automatically considered for these scholarships, which vary from $500 to $3,500 (awarded to over 100 B.Mus. students). Some are designated for particular instruments, while some have other particular requirements. Several substantial entrance scholarships are available. Returning B.Mus. student scholarship recipients must meet the basic minimum academic requirements: registered for 27 percentage grade credits in the prior Winter Session, 75% average, no fails or standing deferreds. 

School of Music scholarships requiring an application:

  • The Johann Strauss Foundation 'Lotte and John Hecht Memorial Scholarships for Advanced Study of Music in Austria': This scholarship is available for music students currently enrolled in the UBC School of Music who propose a music study project in Austria of at least four weeks during summer term. Students must apply by proposing an appropriate study project, and the scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis, following interviews and auditions in January or February. Recipients of the Strauss Foundation Scholarship must also meet the minimum requirements for all UBC scholarships. The application deadline, application form and further information can be found on the Johann Strauss Foundation Scholarships page.

  • Joseph and Melitta Kandler Scholarship for Advanced Music Study: This scholarship is open to undergraduate (third- or fourth-year only) and graduate students to assist with the cost of pursuing music training or research outside of Canada through a program of study approved by the School of Music. The application deadline, application form and further information can be found on the Kandler Foundation Scholarship page.


Non-UBC scholarships and awards (Canadian students)



Non-UBC Scholarships and awards (international students)


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