Recent Theses in Musicology


“‘The Mighty Spring Tide of Finnish Music’: Nationalism and Internationalism in the Music of Leevi Madetoja”

“Music in Nature, Nature in Music: Sounding the Environment in Contemporary Composition”

“Marc-Antoine Charpentier’s David et Jonathas: French Jesuit Theater and the Tragédie en Musique

“'Music as a Delight of God and Men': Absolutism, Genre, and Instrumental Music in Seventeenth-Century Salzburg”

“The First Movements of Bruckner's Third, Sixth and Seventh Symphonies: A Moment-by-Moment Approach to Form”

“Riddled Constructs: A Study of Musical Humour in Chabrier's Comic Operas”

“Music and Poetry in Mallarmé and Debussy”

“Polystylism in the Works of Alfred Schnittke”

“Opera, or the Doing of Women: The Dramatic Works of Ingeborg von Bronsart (1840-1913)”


“Gesture and Sympathy in the 1969 BBC Production of Benjamin Britten's Peter Grimes

“Musical Borrowing in Renaissance Florence: Carnival Songs and Contrafacture”

“Joan La Barbara's Early Explorations of the Voice”

“Politics and Foreign Influences in the Development of Spanish Court Theatrical Music with a Study of the Music of Sebastian Duron (1660-1716)”

“Genre and Parody in the Music of the Beatles”

“Rimsky-Korsakov's Antar Symphony: A Biographical and Analytical Study”

“Revising Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Jewish Composers: A Case Study Comparison of Ignaz Brüll and Salomon Jadassohn”

“Cape Breton Fiddling: Preservation, Transformation, and Narrative”