High Notes Archive

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Spring 2016

  • Celebrating 100 Years of UBC
  • Engineering's Loss Is Music's Gain
  • Music Is the Furnace of Your Being

Fall 2015

  • Spotlight on Opera
  • From Abu Dhabi to Vancouver
  • Mastering Rzewski's De Profundis

Spring 2015

  • New Grads Look Back and Forward
  • Tracing Histories of Emotional Experience

Winter 2015

  • Riding the Wave of Baroque Music
  • Choir Practice's World Premiere
  • The Marriage of Figaro

Fall 2014

  • Embracing Social Media, Building a Career
  • Exploring the Meaning of Rhythm

Fall 2013

  • UBC Music in the Community
  • Hedy Law in the Spotlight
  • New Recordings