High Notes Archive

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Spring 2019

  • Does opera training change how the brain works?

  • From wearable instruments to 3-D printed violins

  • Katrina Bligh and Tony Taylor on forging musical careers in the Canadian Armed Forces

Fall 2018

  • Visionary pianist John Stetch goes back to school

  • Improvising the music of glaciers

  • Suzanne Windsor-Liscombe on losing her hearing and finding her true calling as a composer

Spring 2018

  • Hildegard Westerkamp talks technology, gender, and "trusting your inner voice"

  • On opera's potential to open up space for underrepresented groups

  • Rethinking the musical canon


Fall 2017

  • Hussein Janmohamed on choral music and fostering cultural understanding

  • Introducing High Notes, the new School of Music podcast

  • Beethoven's "Emperor" concerto

Spring 2017

  • A Song of Joys: Celebrating 20 years of the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

  • Turning Point Ensemble on the business of music

  • Eugene Onegin

Spring 2016

  • Celebrating 100 Years of UBC

  • Engineering's Loss Is Music's Gain

  • Music Is the Furnace of Your Being

Fall 2015

  • Spotlight on Opera

  • From Abu Dhabi to Vancouver

  • Mastering Rzewski's De Profundis

Spring 2015

  • New Grads Look Back and Forward

  • Tracing Histories of Emotional Experience

Winter 2015

  • Riding the Wave of Baroque Music

  • Choir Practice's World Premiere

  • The Marriage of Figaro

Fall 2014

  • Embracing Social Media, Building a Career

  • Exploring the Meaning of Rhythm

Fall 2013

  • UBC Music in the Community

  • Hedy Law in the Spotlight

  • New Recordings