Tuition includes private voice lessons, private coaching, masterclasses, acting and movement classes, and lunch for each full day of the camp. Final Concert will take place on Saturday, July 21st at 11am in the Old Auditorium, and all parents, friends, and family are warmly invited.


If you are a returning camper, you will receive a 10% discount off tuition. (You must call the UBC Box Office to have this discount applied. More info below) If you are entering UBC for the first time in the Fall of 2018 as a Music Major then you will receive an automatic $100 scholarship (Note: it is not possible to provide both the 10% discount AND the $100 scholarship. We will apply the amount that gives you the greatest discount). If you have already paid in full, you will receive this scholarship as a refund on to the card/account you paid with (You must call the UBC Box Office to have this discount applied. More info below).

Lunch is served every full day of the camp (this does not include the first orientation day as we will begin at 1pm) and is included in the cost of tuition. We will have one day off during the course of the camp (Saturday July 14, 2018) when overnight campers will still have the option of food from the Cafeteria. If you are an overnight camper, you will eat breakfast and dinner at the Cafeteria at Place Vanier where the dormitories are. If you are a day camper and would like to stay for evening activities, please bring $12 cash for those days you will be able to eat with the overnight campers.

Day Campers

Tuition and lunches each day: $1525

Overnight Campers

Tuition + Housing and Food: $2325

Prep Program: $250

For more information on the Prep Program, please click here.

The Extras

The Extras – Package 1

One hour of extra lessons/coaching: $60

The Extras – Package 2

Two hours of extra lessons/coaching: $120

The Extras – Package 3

One hour of extra lessons AND one hour of extra coaching: $120

The Extras – Package 4

Two hours of extra lessons AND two hours of extra coaching: $230

For all questions, please email