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“I was very interested in going to UBC for Opera, and Nancy Hermiston encouraged me to attend the Summer Institute as a stepping stone towards University. I learned a great deal about the program, the professors, and what it would take to get into the school. I also blossomed as a performer so much as a result of the careful and intense work done by the teachers.”

– Zoe


“UBC Summer vocal workshop completely changed my approach to my studies in voice performance and helped me discover my potential as an artist.”


“I keep coming back year after year because I am able to notice a significant improvement in my technique and musicality. The UBC Summer Music Institute is directly responsible for me hoping to pursue studies in voice at the university level.”

– Magdalena


“UBC gave me a chance to meet other people who sang like me and were interested in the same career paths.  It also helped me go a little bit out of my comfort zone and try different exercises that helped me explore new territories with my voice.”

– Alysha


“I enjoyed the most that the teachers, counsellors and students are very nice. My special memories included the relaxation after three intensive long hours of private coaching and lesson. I really love and enjoy the yoga lessons. Overall, the experience was wonderful and unforgettable.”

– Nicole


“Between private lessons, masterclasses, coachings, theatre training and language classes, I got to hone so many skills. The instructors have decades worth of expertise, but they’re still approachable and kind. With every lesson I left feeling like I’d unlocked something new and exciting. They all listened closely and could pinpoint exactly what I needed to work on. I felt like I was cared for, and that I was singing better than ever thanks to their guidance. My counselors were talented UBC students, and my peers were just as excited about singing as I was. It was like being in a dream land away from work and daily life, immersed in music and sunshine!”

– Sarah


“What I enjoyed the most was being able to workshop opera scenes. It was an incredible opportunity because artists our age usually don’t get the chance to work with such a high caliber of coaches and directors. Everyone working with you wants you to succeed and there’s always someone there to help with interpretation, diction, or staging.”

– Daniel



Images by Summer Voice Workshop