How to arrange your recital

All degree required recital programmes are the responsibility of the student and must be in the format outlined by the applicable template below and copied by the music office. Any related texts (i.e., song texts for voice recitals, programme notes, etc.) may be copied by students, outside the School.


An Instructor Programme Approval Form must be completed indicating your instrument/vocal instructor has reviewed your programme for accuracy and gives his/her approval. The programme and form must be submitted to the main office for final approval/copying a minimum of 2 working days in advance of the recital.

If you need to cancel your recital, please advise the office right away so recital listings for the public may be updated.

Tips for advertising your recital

  • Use social media

  • Invite friends, from both on and off campus, and your classmates as well. Don’t forget to show your support and attend their recitals too.

  • Make a poster and distribute widely. Please note you are not authorized to use the UBC or UBC Music logos on your poster.

  • Posting: In the Music Building you may put one or two on each floor on concert notice boards. Give the Front Office three copies of your poster. (They will be put on the Today Board and Recital Hall display case). Also put posters around campus. Your recital will also be listed on the School’s online student recitals calendar.