UBC student Sasha Luchkov hopes to help fellow refugees with Concert for Peace

UBC student Sasha Luchkov escaped the Russo-Ukrainian war with the help of  local student-led non-profit Thrive Refuge. Now studying with UBC Music Professor Dr. David Fung, Sasha hopes to use his talents to help other refugees with Concert for Peace, Friday, Apr 12 at the Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

“Sasha is a truly exceptional talent and we are fortunate to have him as a member of the UBC School of Music. I can’t think of a more meaningful event for the community to rally behind. I invite everyone to attend this wonderful concert to promote peace and raise funds to help more refugees like Sasha.”
Associate Professor, Piano and Chamber Music

Proceeds from Concert for Peace will support Thrive Refuge’s Fine Arts Bursary Program to provide fine arts education to incoming refugees. Featured Performances: Sasha Luchkov, UBC School of Music Student; Ray Zhang, Thrive Refuge Founder and Young Steinway Artist; Ryan Hong, Thrive Refuge Young Artist. Featured Special Art Installation for Peace by Isabelle Wang.

Thrive Refuge is a student-led non-profit organization established in Vancouver, BC with a mission to provide incoming refugees access to musical education in Canada. Through a bursary program established with the Immigration Services Society of BC, Thrive Refuge distributes yearly funds for refugees and migrants pursuing an accredited music related program.