MUSIC research cluster awarded grant in research excellence

The MUSIC (MUsic and Science Interdisciplinary Collaboration) Research Cluster has been awarded a grant as part of the Research Excellence Clusters initiative.  Funding is awarded through Grants for Catalyzing Research Clusters (GCRC) competitions. These clusters are inter-departmental networks of researchers at UBC who collectively represent leaders in a particular field of study.

Dr. Leigh VanHandel, Associate Professor of Music Theory in the School of Music, is the Cluster Lead.

“The MUSIC research cluster will provide opportunities for the UBC community and the general public to learn about and engage with music cognition through a Speaker Series, Workshops, and community outreach projects. I am looking forward to seeing what interdisciplinary music cognition projects are initiated by faculty and students.”
Chair, Music Theory Division

About the MUSIC Research Cluster

The MUSIC Research Cluster is made up of faculty from Cognitive Science, Film and Media Studies, Linguistics, Medicine, Music, Neuroscience, Psychology, and Statistics who will develop collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects, educational opportunities, and community outreach projects in music cognition.

Research projects include the perception and cognition of music and other auditory input; music and language processing and acquisition; effects of music in clinical settings for treatment of psychiatric disorders, neurodivergences, and neurodegenerative diseases; and music learning and dyslexia.

Cluster activities include interdisciplinary education, lectures from prominent researchers in music cognition, and events connecting the research to the community.