Dr. David Metzer

Chair, Musicology Division
Professor of Musicology

BA (Dickinson), M.Phil, PhD (Yale)

Music Building 403
Tel. 604-822-2246



David Metzer’s work explores a range of twentieth and twenty-first century styles, including classical, jazz, and pop. He is currently working on a project dealing with how musicians have represented prison in their works.

Dr. Metzer’s publications include The Ballad in American Popular Music: From Elvis to Beyoncé (Cambridge University Press, 2017), Musical Modernism at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century (Cambridge University Press, 2009) and Quotation and Cultural Meaning in Twentieth-Century Music (Cambridge University Press, 2003). He has had articles published in Popular Music, Journal of the American Musicological Society, Journal of Musicology, Black Music Research Journal, and Modernism/Modernity, among other journals.