Choir Practice (Documentary)

Enjoy the UBC Opera Ensemble with Jonathan Girard conductor and members of the UBC Symphony Orchestra in Choir Practice, recorded by the Canadian Music Centre.

Choir Practice, a fresh, contemporary opera by librettist Tara Wohlberg and composer Stephen Chatman.

An unlikely cast of misfits promises to take audiences on an entertaining ride through a choir rehearsal. From the onset, everything appears to go downhill: the choir is terrible; the philandering conductor has no conducting skills; and two competing soloists attempt to kill each other. A stuttering tenor, a blind woman, a diva, a belly dancer and a clown round out the hilarious cast.

Grand historical or political themes are absent—but a blind lady transforms the choir.

Set in Vancouver, circa 1985, warm-ups, roll call and a healthy dose of sexual innuendos follow as the rehearsal for the national competition in Toronto begins.