Thesis submission (M.Mus.)

For M.Mus. Students Planning to Graduate
in May 2019:

, have you applied to graduate? You can’t graduate unless you actually first apply to graduate. Even if you won’t attend the ceremony but plan graduate, you must apply. If you have not yet applied, contact Robert Ablenas, Manager of Academic Advising, in person or by email no later than Friday, March 29, 2019, 4:00 p.m. PDT

SECOND, assemble your thesis submission package; make sure it is error-free and complete. Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS) provides a thesis checklist and templates; those are available at  If you submit your thesis and G+PS observes any errors or omissions, then G+PS will request you make corrections and re-submit the corrected thesis. To allow turnaround time for such a possibility, you should submit your thesis at least 5 business days before the April 18, 2019 deadline. Errors include incorrect format or size or naming protocol of files, incorrect page layout and formatting, exceeding word limits (e.g., exceeding 350 words for the Abstract and/or exceeding 150 words for the Lay Summary), and incorrect sequence of pages. Omissions include missing information on the Committee Page, and missing mandatory pages. Note that the audio and/or video file(s) of recital(s) that you upload to cIRcle will have to be in segments 2 Gigabytes or less. The following provide examples of typical content for some of the mandatory pages:

THIRD: Master’s students must submit Thesis Approval form and Electronic Thesis Submission Cover Sheet to G+PS.

Please note: Your Research Supervisor would be among School of Music Research Supervisors listed by G+PS; if not on that list, you would then by default indicate the Division Chair as Research Supervisor. For performance students, each “Examining Committee Member” that you list on the form is an instructor who participating in grading your recital.

FOURTH, set up (register) your cIRcle account. Once you have done this, email G+PS at to request your account be activated. In the email, include your name, email address, and (if applicable) whether you are submitting your thesis to the “Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Creative Arts, 2017+ (CWL ACCESS)” collection. Within a day they should activate your account. Once you receive word your account is activated, you may proceed to submit your thesis.

FIFTH, submit your thesis electronically via cIRcle   It will take G+PS a few days to review all thesis submissions. IF G+PS identify any errors and/or omissions, THEN they will notify you … then you would be required to make the corrections and resubmit your thesis. For that reason, DO NOT LEAVE THESIS SUBMISSION FOR THE FINAL DEADLINE. SUBMIT YOUR THESIS AT LEAST 5 BUSINESS DAYS BEFORE DEADLINE:

  • If you want your graduate degree to be conferred at May 2019 Graduation Ceremony, THEN submit your error-free complete forms to G+PS and thesis to cIRcle NO LATER THAN April 18, 2019 @ 4:00 PM PDT!

  • If you’re not attending May 2019 Graduation Ceremony but nonetheless have completed everything for your graduate studies, THEN submit your error-free complete forms to G+PS and thesis to cIRcle NO LATER THAN April 30, 2019 @ 4:00 PM PDT. Submission by this date guarantees your graduate program end date would be April 30, 2019 … which means you would not be assessed tuition and student fees for summer 2019.

  • As of October 21, 2017, MMUS students may choose to submit their thesis to the collection in cIRcle “Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Creative Arts, 2017+ (CWL ACCESS)”. Access to this collection is permanently restricted to individuals who have a Campus-Wide Login (CWL). The collection is not available to the public. Please see Creative Arts Theses (MFA and MMUS only) which includes tips on uploading your thesis to this collection and file format guidelines relevant to audio and/or video recording of recitals, opera performances, and such. If, instead, you decide to submit your thesis to the regular collection, then you can only submit one PDF file. Other files must be submitted separately to the Supplementary Materials collection.

  • G+PS has produced a webinar regarding thesis preparation and submission. A helpful discussion of the final submission process starts at 25:52 into the webinar.

  • The submission process will include your filling out online a cIRcle Non-Exclusive Distribution License; you can preview what information will be needed in order to complete the form.

SIXTH, review your grades on the SSC. If you notice any courses missing a grade, please report this to Robert Ablenas, Manager of Academic Advising by April 30, 2019. Please include the name of the instructor for the course.

SEVENTH, make sure your UBC financial account is settled. You will not receive a diploma or be able to order transcripts if you have outstanding fees.

Updated March 22, 2019