Thesis submission (M.Mus.)

1. Apply for graduation

Apply for graduation by February 24, 2017 for May graduation or September 15, 2017 for November graduation.

2. Confirm submission date

Note the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' final date for thesis submission prior to May or November graduation is usually the third week in April for May graduation and the first week in October for November graduation.

Other options include submitting your thesis by:

  • the third week of August for September degree conferral and November graduation
  • the third week of January for February degree conferral and April graduation

Tuition fees are charged through the month you hand in your thesis (as long as all courses are completed within the same month or prior months) while student fees are charged for the entire last session you are registered for.

Your final recital (if required) must be completed, recorded and submitted by this date as part of your thesis. Be sure to book your recital early enough. 

3. Secure Committee Authorization

Complete one copy of the Master's Thesis Approval and Program Completion Form. This form must be signed by your committee (usually after your final recital). Fax or PDF scan accepted - original signatures not required.

4. Complete Title Page

Complete and print one copy of the title page for your degree:

5. Complete Abstract Page

Complete and print one copy of the abstract page for your degree:

6. Complete Preface Page

Complete and print one copy of the preface page:

7. Complete Table of Contents Page

Print one copy of the table of contents page:

8. Obtain License

Complete and print one copy of the UBC Thesis License Agreement.

9. Scores (Composition Majors only)

The thesis for the Master’s degree in Composition consists of at least 45 minutes of music written and performed for various media during graduate study. You must submit the scores of these works on a CD-ROM disc to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (G+PS). Submission of recordings of the performed works to G+PS is optional; however, you must have a minimum of 45 minutes of your music performed before you can receive a mark for MUSC 549 (Thesis).

The scores can all be in separate files in a folder on the CD and do not need any special page numbering or page sizes/orientation.

To summarize, submit:

    • Thesis Submission Cover Sheet
    • Thesis Approval & Program Completion Form
    • Title Page
    • Abstract Page
    • Preface Page (use template - no changes needed)
    • Table of Contents Page (use template - no changes needed)
    • UBC Thesis License Agreement
    • Programme(s) (if you decide to include recording(s) of performances)
  • ON CD-ROM:
    • Title Page (PDF)
    • Abstract (PDF)
    • Preface (PDF)
    • Table of Contents (PDF)
    • Musical scores (required, PDF), and accompanying recordings (if available).

10. Submit Recordings & Programmes

You must submit one recording of any recitals, concerts, operas, etc. which comprise your thesis (see abstract page under no. 5 above for exact description of your thesis). Include one correctly-labelled copy of all materials (e.g. CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs).

You must also include one paper copy of each programme from the recital(s), concert(s), opera(s), etc. which comprise your thesis.

Submission of recordings and programme(s) is optional for Composition Majors.

11. Submit PDF

  • include electronic (PDF) copies of the title, abstract, preface, table of contents pages on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
  • Choice to leave in separate files or combine into one
  • Choice to load onto the same disk with the performance or onto a separate disk

12. Submit Thesis

Complete and print one copy of the Thesis Submission Cover Sheet and take all completed items in one package to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office by the submission deadline.

Banner image by Vincent L. Chan