Jocelyn Morlock


Halcyon CD cover Jocelyn Morlock.jpeg

Composer: Jocelyn Morlock
Performers: Corey Hamm piano, Vern Griffiths percussion
Robyn Driedger-Klassen soprano, Tyler Duncan baritone, Erika Switzer piano, Nicholas Wright violin, Ariel Barnes cello, Joseph Elworthy cello
Ensembles: Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, Leslie Dala conductor
Recording details: CMC Centrediscs, 2017

PEP (Piano and Erhu Project) – Vol. 1

Ensemble: PEP (Piano and Erhu Project)
Artists: Corey Hamm piano, Nicole Ge Li erhu
Recording Details: Redshift Records, 2014
Featured works: 
Roydon Tse Blues n’ Grooves
Jared Miller Captive
Jocelyn Morlock Verdigris
John Oliver Eternity Gaze
Edward Top Along the Riverrun

Sins and Fantasies

Artist: Mark McGregor (DMA'12) flute
Recording details: Redshift Records, April 2014
Featured works:
Dorothy Chang Wrath
Jocelyn Morlock L
Benton Roark Untitled
Mark McGregor Le Dernier Repas De Monsieur Creosote

Liquid States

CD Cover_Standing Wave Liquid States 2013.jpg

Ensemble: Standing Wave
Performers: Christie Reside flutes, A-K Coope clarinets, Rebecca Whitling violin, Peggy Lee cello, Allen Stiles piano, Vern Griffiths percussion
Featured composition: Theft by Jocelyn Morlock
Recording details: Redshift Records, 2013

Delicate Fires

CD Cover_Delicate Fires - Tiresias - McGregor Iwaasa Morlock.jpg

Ensemble: Tiresias
Performers:  Mark McGregor flute, Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa piano
Producers: Mark Takeshi McGregor and Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa
Featured Composition: 
I conversed with you in a dream by Jocelyn Morlock
Recording details:
Redshift Records, 2007/2012