J. Evan Kreider

Professor Emeritus of Music (2007), Musicology

PhD (Indiana)


Musicologist and music historian J. Evan Krieder began teaching at the UBC School of Music in 1975.

Kreider’s  research encompassed studies of Renaissance chant, early music notation, recension of manuscript and printed sources, liturgical music, and the editing of Renaissance and Baroque keyboard music. Other projects included a critical edition of the secular works of Pierre de la Rue (d. 1518) and the investigation of politics and theology in music attributed to Martin Luther. He is co-editor of La Rue’s Opera Omnia, and has published in the Corpus of Early Keyboard Music, Musica disciplina, Notes, Renaissance and Reformation, and elsewhere.

About his time here, Krieder said he enjoyed watching students’ progression as they moved from Music 120 classes into fourth-year seminars or graduation recitals in his 31 years at the School. He will treasure memories of one very special graduate seminar on Mediaeval Music, “My teaching schedule was already fully committed, but a group of six graduate students asked if I would guide them if they organized a seminar,” he recalls. “That group jelled better than did any other seminar I have either guided or taken, and it climaxed with a splendid pot luck dinner at our home which did major damage to my wine cellar. There is nothing quite so satisfying as working with self-motivated students.”

He also hopes to assist the Development department meeting potential donors for Music and Arts, as one way to support UBC during his post-retirement years. He suspects that his wife Janice will enjoy eating breakfast unaccompanied by Music 120 lecture music examples.