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UBC Music students are available to perform for receptions and other events. There is a variety of chamber groups and individual musical offerings for you to choose from on our Student Performance Engagement List.

In order to be included on the list students are required audition and submit a recommendation from their performance teacher. This is an opportunity for students to learn what it is to be a working musician, they negotiate their own fees and work out repertoire and other details relating to the event with you.

There are two levels of the Student Performance Engagement List:
Experienced Student Performers: Range of experience, level of performance, professionalism and breadth of repertoire appropriate for any event including performing full-length concerts, receptions, and high profile events.
Apprentice Student Performers: Level of experience and performance appropriate for short concerts and receptions.

To book performers
Connect directly with  the student musicians on the Student Performance Engagement List. Find their contact information by downloading the current Student Performance Engagement List (pdf)


Meet the Performers

Experienced Level Student Performers

Artemisia Duo L to R: Susan Xia and Emily Richardson

Artemisia Duo L to R: Susan Xia and Emily Richardson

Artemisia Duo

Formed in 2015, Artemisia Duo is an ensemble comprised of flutist Emily Richardson and pianist Susan Xia. Our name Artemisia draws upon the root “Artemis”, the Greek goddess of wild animals and the moon. It also has a long history in the arts as the name of an accomplished female painter in the Baroque period. In addition, the word Artemisia combines segments of each of our names with the word “art”, signifying our collaborative approach to creating music together.

Artemisia Duo has performed as part of the UBC Tunes at Noon Series, VSO Day of Music, and Concerts in Care program in Vancouver. We are especially passionate about making classical music accessible to all audiences, but have experience exploring various genres and styles of music. We are enthusiastic about music and look forward to bringing this to your event.

Artemisia Duo website

Artemisia Duo Repertoire List

Contact Artemisia Duo: Emily Richardson E-mail Telephone: (403) 512-4144

L to R: Daniel Tsui, Melody Chen, Denny Ho, Kimberley Kistler

L to R: Daniel Tsui, Melody Chen, Denny Ho, Kimberley Kistler

Four on Four String Quartet

The Four on Four String Quartet is a returning string quartet comprised of most upper year and graduate students from the School of Music at The University of British Columbia. Daniel Tsui (violin), Melody Chen (violin), Denny Ho (viola), and Kimberley Kistler (cello) are completing their Bachelor of Music degrees. All members have an extensive amount of chamber music experience ranging from classical to popular music. Many of our group members have previous experience with receptions and other events. Special music requests may be accommodated if contacted in advance. The Four on Four String Quartet is confident to exceed expectations and bring you the many wonders of music!

Four on Four String Quartet Repertoire List (Please contact for the most updated repertoire list)

Contact for Four on Four String Quartet: E-mail Telephone: (604) 782-3308

Feedback from a client: “We couldn’t have been happier with the Four on Four String Quartet for our wedding ceremony. Daniel and the group were so easy to work with, were very responsive, flexible, and of course very talented! They learned a new song for our wedding in under three weeks and played it beautifully, and their performance throughout our ceremony was excellent. All of our guests really enjoyed the music as well.

If you’re looking for modern songs played on strings, great musicians, and great value, then we couldn’t recommend anyone better than the Four on Four String Quartet.” ~ Alisha

L to R: Jonathan López, Nina Weber, Markus Masaites

L to R: Jonathan López, Nina Weber, Markus Masaites

Genesis Trio

The Genesis Trio, founded by clarinetist, Jonathan López, violist, Nina Weber, and pianist, Markus Masaites, has come to be known as one of the premier student chamber ensembles at the University of British Colombia. The three members are all in their second year of study in pursuit of their undergraudate degree in performance. Established through a shared passion for performing and love for chamber music, the Genesis Trio has performed for a variety of audiences, garnering city-wide acclaim. The three have a primarily classical background but perform a variety of different genres including jazz and folk music. The Genesis Trio receives weekly coachings with esteemed Professor of Clarinet and Chamber Music Jose Franch-Ballester and bi-weekly sessions with Professor of Chamber Music Rena Sharon.

Contact Genesis Trio through: www.genesistrio.com


Aaron Graham

Aaron Graham is an award-winning Percussionist, composer, and educator. He is currently a Doctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts, where he also teaches percussion courses. He is a member of the Percussive Arts Society Scholarly Research Committee, Black Swamp Percussion Educator’s Network, and won the 2014 Percussive Arts Society International Composition Contest. He has also travelled the world playing percussion with various pop, rock, and country groups. As a marimbist, Aaron frequently performs across the Lower Mainland, presenting an exciting display of the expressive potential of the marimba, through a mix of popular song arrangements, jazz improvisations, and contemporary versions of classical favourites.

Aaron Graham Sample Video Recording

Aaron Graham Repertoire List

Contact Aaron Graham: Aaronearlgraham@gmail.com 778-837-0488

Judith Valerie Engel

Judith Valerie Engel is a Viennese concert pianist, currently studying for her DMA degree at the UBC School of Music in the class of Dr. Terence Dawson. She started playing the piano at the age of five. Her main teachers were Pavel Gililov with whom she did her BA and MA degrees at the Mozarteum University, and Mag. Nina Igudesman. Further inspiration came from regular lessons or masterclasses with Paul Badura-Skoda, Matti Raekallio, Teppo Koivisto, and others.

Engel won numerous national and international competitions. Concert tours saw her performing in over a dozen European and non-European countries. Her recordings have been aired by multiple European radio and TV stations and her online videos have been widely shared with several thousand views. Her playing focuses on piano solo repertoire, as well as chamber music and art song.

In addition to her work as a performer, Engel is doing research on Gender Studies in music, which she also taught at the Mozarteum after finishing her Master’s and before moving to Vancouver to start her doctorate. Furthermore, she is actively involved in supporting gender equality by organising and/or participating in charity events or activist performances.

Contact Judith Valerie Engel: E-mail Telephone: (604) 220-8693

Vitara Duo

The Vitara Duo is a piano and violin duo made up of Kurt Chen violin and Anican Yu piano. They have an innate talent for improvisation and performing by ear, which means that this group can play almost any requested song given fair notice ahead of time to prepare without the need to arrange sheet music! The duo has also received accolades for their numerous videos on social media showcasing improvisation and their arrangements. Their strengths lie in repertoire consisting of jazz, ballads, and pop songs. The Vitara Duo members have experience performing at weddings, concert series, receptions, company events, and formals. Throughout the summer of 2019, the pair played together at many occasions throughout the Vancouver area. Their versatility allows them to play anywhere (as long as there is a piano or an outlet for an electronic piano).

Contact Vitara Duo: Anican Yu Email
Telephone: (250) 614-3072

Apprentice Level Student Performers

L to R: Kurt Chen, Yiyi Hsu, Adrian Pang, Amanda Pang

L to R: Kurt Chen, Yiyi Hsu, Adrian Pang, Amanda Pang

Ubuntu String Quartet

The Ubuntu String Quartet specializes in non-conventional repertoire, such as Scandinavian folk tunes, mainstream pop, jazz, and video game music in addition to their classical collection. Ubuntu is South African for “human compassion” and also the idiom “I am what I am through each of us,” which reflects their group chemistry.  Their familiarity and friendship with each other has sprouted strong bonding during rehearsals, which is evident in their performances. In addition to performing on the Tunes at Noon series at UBC, the USQ has performed for company events, formals, weddings, televised productions, and even comedy shows. This is the third iteration of the Ubunto String quartet, with members who have graduated from UBC passing the torch down to other current UBC School of Music students.

Ubuntu String Quartet Repertoire List


Contact Ubuntu String Quartet: E-mail

Telephone: Kurt Chen (604) 724-4699

Los Primos Clarinet Quartet

The Los Primos Clarinet Quartet is formed of four performance major students: Carlos Savall Guardiola, Jonathan Lopez, Alec Pin Kan and Bernardino Assuncao. They are all under the guidance of world-renowned clarinet soloist, Prof. Jose Franch-Ballester, at the UBC School of Music. The members from the quartet have participated in the finest programs across North America and Europe, such as the National Youth Orchestra of Canada, National Youth Orchestra USA, Aurora Chamber Music Festival in Sweden and have appeared in Carnegie Hall in New York, Maison Symphonique in Montreal and Koerner Hall in Toronto.

The quartet performs a wide variety of styles of music from classical to Klezmer.

Contact Los Primos: Alec Pin Kan E-mail Telephone (236) 882-6156

Duo Resonance

Duo Resonance: Lisa Yu-Hsien Lin and Siliang Wang

Duo Resonance: Lisa Yu-Hsien Lin and Siliang Wang

Duo Resonance, founded by pianist Lisa Yu-Hsien Lin and flutist Siliang Wang, specializes not only in classical repertoire, but also in Asian music, such as Chinese, Taiwanese and Cantonese folk songs. Lisa is currently pursuing her Doctoral degree in Piano Performance with Professor Mark Anderson. In addition she performs at Health Arts Society events giving concerts for adult day care centres and nursing homes in Vancouver. Siliang is studying for her Master’s degree in Flute Performance under the tutelage of Paolo Bortolussi. Duo Resonance can tailor-make any program for events including receptions, company events, parties, weddings, formals and so on.

Contact Duo Resonance: Lisa Yu-Hsien Lin E-mail Telephone (236) 777-4628


Rosea, formed by flautist Kelly Li, violinist Ayumi Yaesawa, and pianist Vanessa Mak, first blossomed as a friendship. The three met in their first year at the UBC School of Music and are now in their third year of studies. It was this budding friendship that led to the decision to form an ensemble. Our first engagement was at an Alzheimer’s cafe, which is a monthly event held for seniors with dimentia to learn about their disorder and to make friends. It was a wonderful and eye-opening experience for us and we soon learned that there was much more to be excited about performing. A lady even cameup to us afterwards and recommended the name “Ponytail Trio” because of the way our matching ponytails danced along to the music. since then, we have performed at various locations around Vancouver including Barnett Hall in the UBC Music Building, and a charity recital for S.U.C.C.E.S.S. over the summer of 2019. Even we didn’t take the name of Ponytail Trio, we decided to keep the spirit of it. Rosea, means pink in Latin, and emulates our “life in pink” personality and mentality, which we hope to share with audiences through our music.

Contact Rosea: Vanessa Mak E-mail Telephone (778) 895-9395

To book performers

Connect directly with  the student musicians on the Student Performance Engagement List.
Find their contact information by downloading the current Student Performance Engagement List (pdf)

After your event, please let us know how it went!

Send your comments to manager.concerts@ubc.ca, along with the date of your event, the names of the students who performed, event type and venue. Some questions:

  • How well did the student(s) perform?

  • Did the student musician(s) arrive on time, perform appropriate repertoire, bring all necessary equipment with them, and follow instructions on where to be and when to perform?

  • Overall satisfaction: Any questions or concerns.



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