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Extracting Rhythmic Information from Audio Recordings


Rhythm Research Cluster: Workshop
“Extracting Rhythmic Information from Audio Recordings”
Dr. George Tzanetakis, University of Victoria
10:30 am, Room X704, 2366 Main Mall (ICS/CS) 

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Abstract: Rhythm refers to the hierarchical organization of musical sounds in time. There has been a long research history of using computers to analyze rhythm. In this workshop, I will describe basic rhythmic analysis tasks and trace the historic evolution of the algorithms that have been proposed to solve them. These include tempo estimation, beat tracking, downbeat detection, drum transcription, rhythm descriptors, and pattern detection. In addition to being useful in music recommendation systems and music creation software, computational rhythmic analysis can be used as a tool to study the complexities of human rhythmic performance. I will describe examples of analyzing and visualizing micro-timing information and talk about how knowledge of particular music cultures can help inform the design of algorithms for rhythm analysis in the context of computational ethnomusicology. I will briefly touch upon the importance of embodied cognition for playing music and describe ongoing efforts to create expressive robotic drummers and why effective automatic rhythmic analysis is an essential component of such an endeavor.

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