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The Nu:BC Collective and Friends


Thu Jun 6
Canadian Music Society (MusCan) Conference Concert

The Nu:BC Collective and Friends
Paolo Bortolussi flute      
Liam Hockley clarinet      
Jasper Wood violin   
Eric Wilson cello
Corey Hamm piano
Aaron Graham percussion
Jonathan Girard conductor
Maggie Lu Impromptu
Leslie Opatril Rondette
Lauro Pecktor Zefiro Miniatures
Brian Garbet Anti-Matter Manifesto
Hanna Kim I Dreamt the Snow Road Was Swept Clear
Ramsey Sadaka evening rain clouds…
Aaron Graham Sleeping Bear
7:30 pm, Barnett Hall
Free admission

The Canadian University Music Society and the UBC School of Music present The Nu:BC Collective and Friends in a concert featuring contemporary Canadian compositions selected from the 2019 Call for Scores and Student Composer Competition.

Composition Committee

Stephen Chatman (Vancouver) (chair)
Frank Brickle (Vancouver)
Troy Ducharme (London, ON)
Arne Eigenfeldt (Vancouver)
Nicole Lizée (Montréal)
Ilkim Tongur (Calgary)

Programme Notes

Impromptu by Maggie Lu
This piece was composed as a gestural, spur-of-the-moment expression for the cello. It is to be played with rhythmic and spatial freedom, with interpretive liberty being much encouraged. 

Rondette by Leslie Opatril
Rondette is a short and energetic trio with a reoccurring theme. In this piece, the violin and 'cello use a technique called "Bartok pizzicato" (also known as "snap pizzicato"). This technique is achieved by snapping a string against the instrument's fingerboard. 

Zefiro Miniatures by Lauro Pecktor
Zefiro refers to the Greek god of the west wind. In this piece, it also works as an intertextual reference to the music of Claudio Monteverdi (1567–1643). The idea of Zefiro comes about through the lightness of the movements and sets the general character of the piece. Although Monteverdi referred to the same god in his famous Zefiro Torna (1632), this piece is mainly inspired by the Sinfonia from the second act of L'Orfeo (1607).

Antimatter Manifesto by Brian Garbet
Anti-Matter Manifesto is inspired by the art of Salvador Dalí and dedicated to the memory of Ken Anderlini (1962–2007).

I Dreamt the Snow Road Was Swept Clear by Hanna Kim 
It has been three years since I came to Toronto for my doctoral study (DMA) at the University of Toronto. Over the past few years, I had to undertake the severely long winter while seeing heavy snowfall and high winds for the first time in my life. The idea of the chamber work, I dreamt the snow road was swept clear in 7 minutes came from my winter fantasy in which snow clears itself only in a few minutes on a grand scale throughout the whole urban region. My goal here is to convince audiences to recall several different images of snow removal by means of acoustic sounds. To achieve this, the piece was designed to be continuously producing intuitive musical directions. What is more, I placed more emphasis on the emotional aspects, such as dynamics and articulations, so as to enhance a sense of momentum. evening rain clouds... by Ramsey Sadaka
This piece is an evocation of a scene from the novel Naomi, by the Japanese author, Jun'ichirō Tanizaki. The scene, translated by Anthony H. Chambers, is given below:

Loosened, her voluptuous hair spread out richly, like evening rain clouds.

Sleeping Bear by Aaron Graham
Sleeping Bear was inspired by the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes National Park in Michigan, USA. Shortly before I asked my wife to marry me, we spent some time there and it felt to me like a place of contentment — like a place you could spend the rest of your life. This sparked some interest in me as to the kinds of characteristics we look for in places we call home, or “someday” desired places of living. I wrote the text myself and set out to portray the kind of cacophony we experience every day in our working lives, set as a foundation beneath the various idyllic visions we have of so-called "perfect" places to call home.

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