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Bang! Festival — Interactive Computer Music


Wed Apr 17
Bang! Festival
Electroacoustic music: where code and music meet
Interactive Computer Music
Computer music generated in real time, using the Max/MSP/Jitter programming language, with up to 8 channels of surround sound.
Jon Bogert Maybe It's Love
Alex Tosh and Olivia Hall Abstraction
Hayley Farenholz harp
George Lei and Jack Griffiths Displaced
Tabitha Lee The Storm
Kim “Kay Spinner” performer
Fiona Sudihok Cast A Spell
Michaella Moon Movable Singularity
Michaella Moon cello
Kathleen Zaragosa Colourwave~
Mark Marinic Insomnium
Mark Marinic guitar
Alvin Liao and Allan Xu Incessance
Jackson Bell saxophone
12:00 noon, Barnett Hall

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John Stetch, piano