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Bang! Festival — Capstone Presentations


Wed Apr 17
Bang! Festival

Capstone Presentations
Students present demos of their research projects for the Minor in Applied Music Technology. This semester the projects include a 3D-printed violin with wireless sensors, a study of LEDs and synesthetic colours for music, a glove that controls vocal effects in heavy metal music, a remapped percussion controller, a colour-controlled synthesizer/sequencer, and a wireless head-mounted audio controller for Virtual Reality.

C.H.I.M.I.R.A.: Colour-Hearing Interface + Motion-Image Relaying Apparatus
Andrea Wong

A Wireless Glove Controller for Video and Audio Effects
Melissa Liang

DRUMI : Digital Remote Using a Multi-percussion Interface
Graeme Fugger

Pinia Chandra

FoToGesAAV: Force, Touch, Gesturally Activated Augmented Violin
Daniel Tsui

Convincing Real-time Virtual Audio
Anders Grasdal

2:00 pm, Barnett Hall

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Ever wondered what a super high tech 3D-printed violin sounds like? For his SUBCLASS capstone project, violinist Daniel Tsui created the "Force Touch Gesturally Activated Augmented Violin." The violin uses special sensors to trigger audio filters and sound effects. Check it out!

From wearable instruments to 3D-printed violins
Created eight years ago as a ‘laboratory where music meets technology,’ the Sonic UBC Laptop Sounds and Sensors Class (SUBCLASS) has become a hothouse of innovation.

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