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ChamberFest! Sunday Talks 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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A constellation of interdisciplinary conversations and concerts with UBC Music ensembles, faculty, students, alumni, and guest speakers.

Sunday Talks Schedule | Barnett Hall | Free

1:30–4:15 pm Transcending Boundaries, Part Two:
Arts in Community and Global Change

Chamber music prelude

“Finding Resonance in Community through Arts Engagement” — Dr. Laura Barron, Executive Director, Instruments of Change

Dr. Laura Barron highlights how her organization's arts-based community development projects foster a spirit of collaboration and cross-cultural understanding by allowing their participants the opportunity to find their own voice through co-creative processes. She will also discuss the successes and challenges that her organization has faced in meeting these objectives.

“Arts and Conflict Transformation” — Dr. Michelle LeBaron, Professor, Peter. A. Allard School of Law, UBC

Artists see from the creative edge, offering not only aesthetic pleasure but incisive insights into political and social events. In this prevention, Professor LeBaron will share examples from South Africa to illustrate the pivotal roles of arts and artists in transformative social change.

Chamber music interlude

“Trance Formations: Altered State and Deep Change” — Dr. Leonard George, Chair of the School of Social Sciences, Capilano University

Over the past century, researchers in disciplines across the Arts and Sciences have cast light on the causes and conditions of self-transformation. Intense, often deliberately triggered shifts in conscious states can lead to deep changes in the self and its relation to the world. As our species now needs such changes to dodge looming extinction, understanding these processes may be vital.

Chamber music interlude

4:30 pm “Extreme Partnership - Marriage as a Piano Duo, or Who plays Primo?”
— Mark Anderson and Michelle Mares

Reflections and revelations about the intimate art of Piano Duos shared by the renowned and wonderfully exuberant pianists/life partners, with interviewer Evgenia Rabinovich. In keeping with the weekend’s research themes, Mark and Michelle are devising a performance experiment.

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