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Our Canada: Forecasting the Canadian Wind


Tue Sept 11                  
Our Canada: Forecasting the Canadian Wind
Ventos Wind Quintet
Works by five Canadian composers:
Emily Doolittle, Carmen Braden, Daniel Janke, 
Cris Derksen, and Cameron Wilson
7:30 pm, Barnett Hall
$20 Adults | $10 Students
Presented by Fifth Wind in partnership with the UBC School of Music.

Five Canadian wind quintets are each paired with a composer—
Fifth Wind (Halifax, N. S.) with Emily Doolittle (Nova Scotia/Scotland); 
Choros (Montreal, QC) with Carmen Braden (Northwest Territories); 
Blythwood Winds (Toronto, ON) with Daniel Janke (Yukon Territory); 
Mistral 5 (Saskatoon, SK) with Cris Derksen (northern Alberta/Ontario);
Ventos (Vancouver, BC) with Cameron Wilson (Vancouver, BC)

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