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UBC Gamelan Ensemble

Fri Apr 6
UBC Gamelan Ensemble
12:00 noon, Barnett Hall
or on the plaza if sunny


This year, UBC’s 18-member Balinese gamelan ensemble is led by the dynamic young Balinese composer Putu Sukaryana (Balot) who is Artist-in-Residence at the School of Music and recipient of the Dean of Arts’s Andrew Fellowship. Students joined the class in September and have been at work all year preparing four pieces for the concert:

Wayan Beratha Gesuri (1968) This piece is in the dynamic kebyar style, characteristic of 20th century Balinese music.

Traditional Jerebon: An old and stately piece from the repertoire of the semar pegulingan, “gamelan of the love god” featuring the solo instrument trompong.

Wayan Lotring Kompyang (ca. 1920s) Lotring’s elegant and angular compositions are beloved by all connoisseurs of Balinese music. The title means both great-grandchild and great-grandparent—the same word, in Balinese.

Dewa Ketut Alit Pengenter Alit (2003) This piece was created for this ensemble when its composer was in residence at UBC, it uses some unusual musical modes and tonal combinations, within a fairly traditional musical form.