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Michael Friedmann


Thu Feb 15
Colloquium Series
Michael Friedmann (Yale University)

“An Analytic Survey of Schoenberg's Piano Music: Interactions Between Performance and Analysis"
3:00 pm, Gessler Hall


I propose here a shamelessly eclectic analytic approach to four movements of Schoenberg's piano music.  In my 50-year interaction with this repertoire I have learned that the typical journal article artificially segregates models of theory and analysis but fails to do justice to the multiplicity and richness of factors which motivate the sensitive performance. Although scholars such as Forte, Lewin, Mead, Hasty, Kurth, Alegant and countless others have greatly enriched my insights into Schoenberg's music I have found that preparation of performance has given me an irreplaceable contact with the surface of the music.  In this talk I propose to offer performances of Op. 11 No. 1, Op. 23 No. 3, the Menuet from Op. 25 and Op. 33b combined with analytic comments.  I contend that analysis enriches performance in situations where purely intuitive dynamics fall short, but also that performance enriches analysis.


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