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Hornfall — UBC Horn Club

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Fri Nov 24
UBC Horn Club

Richard Mingus director
Horn Players: Anders Grasdal, Ciaran De Groot, Emily Daily, Kevin Li, Ivy Chao, Janelle Julian, Hans Benoit, Kristin Ranshaw, Rachel Rozelle
Piano Accompanists: Monica Pfau and Emily Daily
Reed French Suite for Horn Ensemble
Perischetti Parabel for Solo Horn — Ivy Chao
Arnold Fantasy for Solo Horn — Anders Grasdal
Reicha Trios for Horns
Mendelssohn Andante from Symphony 5, “Reformation” — Hans Benoit horn, Emily Daily piano
Strauss Andante for Horn and Piano — Janelle Julian
Hindemith Massig Bewegt — Emily Daily
Gliere: ll.  Andante from “Concerto for Horn and Orchestra” — Kristin Ranshaw
Glazunov Reveries for Horn and Piano — Richard Mingus horn, Monica Pfau piano
Bach Arioso
Fripperies #8 Barbershop 
8:00 pm, Barnett Hall