New dual degree program gives students career flexibility

Fourth-year trombone student Janine King.  Photo courtesy Janine King

Fourth-year trombone student Janine King. Photo courtesy Janine King

Music careers are famously diverse. Some musicians perform and record exclusively. Many also teach, or produce, or work in an entirely different industry.

There’s no single career path — that’s why the School of Music strives to offer degree programs that give students the flexibility to pursue multiple interests and vocations.

In 2016 we launched the dual Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education degree program. This new offering allows students to complete both the B.Mus. (general studies major) and the B.Ed. (music major) within five years, gaining practical teaching experience much sooner in their studies. 

For trombonist and fourth-year student Janine King, the dual degree was appealing for its practicality: “The program allowed me to visit a local high school on a weekly basis, which led to a really great relationship with the teacher and the students at that school,” she says. “I find teaching to be extremely fulfilling and rewarding, and these experiences have been so vital for me in order to confirm that I am pursuing a career that I know is right for me.” 

The dual degree program requires 30 fewer credits and costs about $6000 less (domestic) than the two degrees if completed separately. By working on the B.Mus. and the B.Ed. at the same time, students interested in music education can pursue a more focused program of study than the traditional, consecutive-degree (“4+1″) option, and they get exposure to practicum opportunities in local schools earlier and more frequently.

The new program is, of course, a work in progress. For King, one of the first dual degree students, it has not been without its early kinks, mainly to do with the existing curriculum being adapted to a new timeline: “Integrating the dual degree students into the traditional [4+1] program’s classrooms has been confusing and tricky, because we are taking classes alongside students who have already completed their practicum,” she says. “I am excited for the dual degree program to continue to develop and allow students to benefit fully from both degrees!”

The B.Mus./B.Ed. program takes its place among the School’s dual degree offerings, which also include the B.Mus./Master of Management; B.Mus./ Bachelor of Arts; and B.Mus./Bachelor of Science.

“I think that post-graduation is a pretty scary thing, especially for music students,” King says. “It definitely helps to ease any dread about the future knowing that the dual degree program opens several different doors for me.”     

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