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More audition advice!

The BMus auditions are almost here, and we've got more sage advice from our faculty. This will be of particular interest to prospective students of voice and of wind, brass, and percussion.

From Dr. Robert Taylor, Chair of the Wind, Brass and Percussion Division:

Dr. Robert Taylor

Dr. Robert Taylor

  1. Prepare diligently! Your audition is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your musical strengths.
  2. Read the audition requirements carefully and prepare all of the required selections. Whenever possible, listen to multiple recordings of the required pieces so that you understand the context of each passage.
  3. Be professional and make a good first impression. Dress appropriately. The faculty panel may ask you some informal interview questions. 
  4. Warm-up and arrive early with your instrument tuned and ready to go. Bring your assembled instrument and sheet music. It’s not possible to leave your instrument in the practice room unattended, so please bring your cases and materials. It’s possible that you could leave some things in the hall with the audition assistant, or bring them into the audition room with you if you like. 
  5. If sightreading is asked: scan the music silently before you begin. Choose an appropriate tempo so that you can perform at your best without stopping. Play as musically as possible, paying close attention to all expressive markings (and adding interpretive decisions of your own!).
  6. Take some risks, communicate your interpretive intent, and remember that auditions are an important educational experience. Everybody in the room wants you to do well. Break a leg!
Prof. Nancy Hermiston

Prof. Nancy Hermiston

From Professor Nancy Hermiston, Chair of the Voice/Opera Program:

For the singers, we want you to know that we are very happy that you have decided to audition for us and we are looking forward to hearing you sing!  Please don’t be nervous — we are singers too and we are a positive, friendly audience! You should sing whatever pieces that show your own individual voice at its best.

We are looking for singers who can communicate the song to the audience, no matter what language it is in, and move the audience with their performance. We are looking for students who have good potential for future development; who love performing and love being part of a program that challenges them musically, intellectually and encourages them to be socially responsible individuals who give back to their community and will become global citizens.

Our program is diverse, interesting and large enough to challenge our students but small enough so that the student will not feel lost. Students receive the individual attention required to help them be the best that they can be and to achieve their goals. We offer our students a very high standard in their performance and academic subjects and give them many opportunities for international performance experience during their undergraduate degrees!

As always, please direct any questions to Katherine Evans, Admissions Manager, at